For almost twenty years, our passion and life mission is to work with young people and accompany them in this wonderful process, which is maturing, discovering the world around us, the laws that govern it, naming who we are and how we want to live.

In 2013 our desires turned into a professional commitment – we established  Wyspa JP2 school.

At first, the small junior high school turned into a primary school and a bilingual secondary school. Such dynamic changes and the development showed us the necessity to go a step further, so we established the Solid Land Foundation.

We  look for and establish the cooperation with institutions similar to Wyspa JP2 School. We want to support, help and develop the places where young people are educated and brought up in good values.

Our goal is working with young people in a very wide range, we want our commitment to give a real impact on the world around us and our future.

We want to be a safe and a steady land, a safe place for young people, parents and tutors.

  • The founders of the Solid Land Foundation