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If you are an entrepreneur, you are surely know how difficult it is to find a good employee
today. The consumer world makes young people more often and more clearly manifest their needs and expectations, at the same time becoming less involved in the tasks entrusted to them.
If you are an employee, you are surely know how difficult it is to find a good employer today. The speed of life, expecting the best results in the shortest possible time, without paying attention to your needs, skills and ideas, can cut your wings very quickly.
We can change it together!

Why is it worth to support this project?

Our workshops’ aim is to prepare a young person to enter the professional path in the best possible way, so that they are aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Then they can become an important link in the team.

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A new place - new opportunities

We want to develop and help young people. However, we need a new larger building.

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Let's give a chance for a good education and personal development.