For entrepreneurs

We undertake our initiatives thanks to the support of private donors: both big and small companies as well as private individuals. Giving a donation is also a benefit for each donor.
Each person, as well as partnerships, may deduct 6% of their income (PIT) from the taxable amount and legal person – 10% of the income (CIT).
As an employer you can support the social activities of your employees. They can support us with their knowledge and experience, using their skills and abilities, thanks to the employer’s support they can undertake such initiatives.
By sponsoring one of our projects, you support us in building a better future for children and young people. Write us and we try to prepare an individual offer for you and discuss together the form of our partnership.
A private person as well as a legal person can be a donor. If you are a producer of educational aids or other goods we could equip our schools and students – contact us.