A letter from Wyspa JP2 School head master to the Solid Land Foundation

“The school started to work in 2013. The first educational establishment was Wyspa JP2 junior high school. It was created to be a good alternative for a young person at this difficult stage of development and self-seeking. In many public schools, acts of aggression took place then and junior high school students began to be perceived as the worst and the most difficult ones, often written off. We decided to create a place that was not only a “waiting room” to the secondary school, but also a place where a young person was able to develop and shape his/her humanity fully. It was the place where each student was not anonymous, hidden behind the back of the group, but he/she was a person aware of his/her strengths and weaknesses and in cooperation with others, constituted a strong and well-coordinated team creating beautiful works. We managed to create a great place for young people and the brand that attracted more and more willing students and parents who saw Wyspa JP2 School as a great opportunity for their children, both in terms of a good education and also personal and spiritual development.
As a result of the education reform introduced in 2017, when it became clear that these were the last years of junior high schools, we faced a difficult choice as to the future of Wyspa JP2 school community. We decided together to continue the education of our students in Wyspa JP2 Private Primary School and two years later we also established Bilingual Secondary School. We discover a new, wider and even more fascinating stage of accompanying our students from the 1st grade to the final exams. Every day we can observe this beautiful path towards the development of our younger and older students. We are very proud of their successes in learning and the progress they make in their personal and social development.
We perceive the new stage of Wyspa JP2 school as an extraordinary and beautiful adventure that we can experience with our students, their parents and a creative and very committed team of teachers. This is the adventure that is a great opportunity for our development, but we also see difficulties related to the small building, which initially was only the place for junior high school students, which then was not a problem. From the beginning of creating the secondary school, we are constantly looking for a new building for the Primary School in order to give our students the best conditions for learning and their development. At present
we just want to buy a new building. Our dream is to create a place where many workshops and extra activities can be organized for both our students and the others. We want to develop a good environment where young people can seek themselves and develop their passions.
We kindly ask the Solid Land Foundation and also all people of good will for financial support that would help to make our dreams come true and satisfy the very important, current needs of our students.”
The head master of Wyspa JP2 Private Primary School and Bilingual Secondary School

Tomasz Cichocki